Monday, May 20, 2013

The Labyrinth still Lingers

What a joy to walk past the green today and still be able to see the trace of the labyrinth in the grass. I was able to walk the labyrinth one last time. "The Labyrinth Project" has blessed me this semester and I hope and trust it has been a blessing to others and to our community.
At the labyrinth workshop last month I remember Lauren Artress saying,
"Some of us allow the labyrinth to become an organizing principle of our lives.” I may just be one of those people! I may like to think that I found the labyrinth but, it would be more accurate to say that the labyrinth found me. Thanks be to God.

Commencement Benediction 2013

Class of 2013

As you prepare to leave this place and go onward

To new discoveries and new challenges

May you be blessed with good traveling companions

May you be blessed with humility and humor and a heart for service

May you be blessed with courage and creativity for the journey

            each and every day of this amazing life

            you are blessed to live

And may the God who names you, and loves you beyond measure

bless your journey with joy and with peace


Baccalaureate Service

Our Baccalaureate worship service yesterday fell on Pentecost Sunday - a wonderful day for Commencement! The Wilson College Choir and Hand Bell choir took part along with senior class liturgists. It was a joy-filled celebration. A portion of the sermon, "One in the Spirit", spoke to The Labyrinth Project....

 ".......I believe we experienced community a new way of being community - mindful of mind, body, and spirit - two weeks ago on World Labyrinth Day. So many from our community and beyond came together to create and walk a labyrinth on our main green. Scores of us walked the labyrinth at 1pm in unity with those all over the world who were, “Walking as One at One.”
One person told me afterwards that as she walked the labyrinth she looked down at all the stones that had been painted …then she took to to noticing all the feet that were walking with her …so many feet, going in different directions but all on the same path. ….and the feet represented bodies, and bodies contained hearts. She made connection with her fellow pilgrims in a new way that day. Such new connections are our life blood. They keep is moving forward, outward, onward and upward.
For Pentecost didn’t just happened once, a long, long time ago. Pentecost isn’t over and done. God’s grace is ever being repeated and extended throughout our world. Those thin times when a new spirit breaks into our ordinary existence.

In every possible way the gospel insists that ALL were filled with the Spirit. In other words everyone in this room this morning, students, friends, family, staff, alumnae, faculty, and trustees, all of us are invited to breathe deep of the wildness of God’s Spirit. To what end?  To the end that we become prophets, visionaries and dreamers. People who vividly imagine a world different from and better than the world as it is. They denounce injustice. They envision new and better ways of thinking, being and doing. Whatever other spirits may invite you to take certain moral shortcuts, to value profit more than people or to ignore the little, the least the lost, and the last of the word, resist them. It is the prophets, visionaries and dreamers who strive to create the world as it could be –as God intends it to be. Let your human spirit be tuned to the frequency of the Holy Spirit. Stay tuned to that frequency and you are already on your way to becoming a prophet, a visionary, a dreamer

Class of 2013, in the mystery of your life, may you be conscious of the unfolding Pentecost within you. May you continue to live the labyrinth, rather than the maze. May you breathe deep and breathe well. May you look forward to living every day in the world; delight in your own vibrancy and resilience; marvel at your ability to imagine; stretch to feel the emotions of the heart; shape words and work and visions not yet dreamed."                                                                                                                                                                                                    AMEN

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Taking Down Our Labyrinth

a painted symbol of our journey

Kelly Myers collecting painted stones

many hands...

taking up the marking rope is much speedier than laying it!

the labyrinth lingers in the grass...long may it linger in our lives!

the painted stones now form a river of color behind Edgar Hall

The Bottom Shelf Review

The annual issue of the Wilson's own literary magazine, The Bottom Shelf Review, is now out! Read amazing prose and poetry works by Wilson authors (students and faculty/staff), including a special section featuring works written in honor of the labyrinth. You can find it here:


Monday, May 13, 2013

Every blessing as you journey through finals week

The end of the semester is in sight.
May you remain centered and calm for your final exams.
May next week contain both rest and play.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Art and Creative Writing Exhibition and Labyrinth Resource Table


The exhibition and resource table set will be up in Lenfest Commons until Friday. Please take a moment to make a comment in our ‘Labyrinth Log’ What was your experience of the labyrinth? Feel free to share your story!